Master SAAM and Origin of SAAM Acupuncture

Master SAAM was one of the Three Great Physicians of the Chosun Dynasty. But for 400 years, his Art of Acupuncture was forgotten. After meditating for 13 years in a cave, Sa-Am opened his mind's eye, and saw through to the core of Acupuncture's mystery. It is said that Master SAAM was either the Great Monk of Samyong Dang, or else his disciple. According to his only surviving clinical record, he claims to have cured in a single treatment a patient who had been suffering from an ailment for dozens of years. Yet, despite its wondrous power, the true principles behind SAAM Acupuncture's power was fated to remain hidden, without having the chance to see the light of day. Since the resurfacing of the Master's Medicine, and now in the hands of over thousands students of the Art, SAAM Acupuncture is at last receiving the attention of the public it deserves throughout the nation.

The Uniqueness of SAAM Acupuncture
1. Conventional acupuncture observes the particularities of a given symptom, and then treats the ailment by affecting the meridian related to the symptom. SAAM Acupuncture differs from the conventional approach. SAAM Acupuncture treats and observes the patient as a holistic subject, and thus treats the ailment at the point of its real origin.

2. SAAM Acupuncture has proven that the meridians serve as the path by which the mind manifests its various dispositions. SAAM Acupuncture is essentially Mind Acupuncture.

3. In each of the Meridians there are sixty meridian conduits in which the particular characteristics of each of the Five Elements (Metal, Water, Earth, Wood, Fire) are concentrated. SAAM Acupuncture is effective because it treats only those sixty conduits.

4. SAAM Acupuncture is safe because it treats primarily those conduits which are found at the ends of the limbs, and at the elbows and below the knees.

5. SAAM Acupuncture is an acupunctural art unique to Korea.

6. SAAM Acupuncture has gone beyond the limitations of conventional acupuncture and has opened a new horizon of possibilities.




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