Taehee Cho L.Ac
Growing up in Korea, Taehee Cho has always wanted to help people, so he studied Social Work. As Taehee worked in the field, he saw many people who needed medical assistance. It was a natural part of his cultural upbringing that people would seek the assistance of an acupuncturist when they were ill. Taehee realized that he could help bring relief to people by becoming an acupuncturist. Everything he needed to relieve pain and body ailments could fit in a small case.

Taehee started studying acupuncture in Korea, but he wanted to bring his skill to a wider audience. Taehee came to the United States and became licensed as an Acupuncturist, and as a specialist in Oriental Medicine through the National Certification Commission NCCAOM) ®. He started practicing in California, but a need for his talents brought him to Richmond, Virginia, and eventually to Hampton Roads, Virginia.

While practicing and studying, Taehee utilized many different kinds of acupuncture techniques including SAAM, Tung's, and Korean Hand to determine what worked best for each individual.



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