Treating Pain with Acupuncture
Acupuncture is best known for its ability to successfully treat pain. Pain itself is not a diagnosis, but rather an indication or warning that there is a problem somewhere in the body. Many times the exact location of pain points to where the problem is, as in the case of elbow pain above an inflamed tendon. But in other situations the site of pain may be related to problems far away, as in leg pain resulting from a herniated disk pushing on a nerve in the back.

The intensity of the pain usually indicates or warns how severe the problem is. Each person has a different pain threshold, but pain levels that increase or do not lessen over time point to something that needs attention.

And the circumstances surrounding the onset of the pain are just as important. Was there an accident or incident? Or did the pain gradually develop over a course of time or during a certain period of life?

The characteristics of pain give important information about what is causing the body to send this signal. Once noticed, it is important to address the underlying problem that forced the body to send a pain message, not just turn down the discomfort. Otherwise the body will send out other warning signals until the core problem is corrected.

Summary of Common Health Conditions Treated
Nuga Acupuncture Clinic focuses on treating the cause of disease, instead of the symptom or disorder.

• neck/back and sciatic pain • stress/tension
• arthritis/joint problems
• headache/migraine/dizziness
• musculoskeletal injuries • allergies/asthma
• paralysis/numbness • colds/influenza
• menstrual syndrome • cough/bronchitis
• menopausal discomfort • rhinitis/sinusitis
• IBS/constipation/diarrhea • anxiety/depression
• gastrointestinal disorders • effects of chemotherapy
• bladder/kidney problems • skin problems(acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc)
• fatigue  



Conditions We Treat

Skin Disorder





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