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Eczema and Dermatitis
Chronic skin conditions are often treated by Oriental medicine with great success. Eczema, which here can be combined with the treatment of dermatitis, is one of those conditions that respond very well to acupuncture and herbal medicine. Conventional treatments for eczema consist of topical creams containing cortisone or other steroids which can help lesions to disappear, but may not prevent them from recurring. If you are someone who suffers from chronic or recurring eczema, Oriental medicine can help you to effectively treat and eliminate the problem.

How does Oriental Medicine Treat Eczema?
Eczema is a complex condition that can have many different manifestations. According to Oriental medicine, eczema is a delayed allergic reaction that arises from compounding internal and external factors. This means that the disease can be caused or affected by the state of your general health as well as environmental factors. Some people may also have an inherited susceptibility to it. In Oriental medicine, there are 3 specific categories by which eczema is classified:

  • External factors. These factors create an individual sensitivity to the external environment. This includes issues like hay fever or seasonal allergies, catching of frequent colds, asthma or toxic chemical exposure. This kind of sensitivity leads to acute flare-ups of eczema, usually seasonal, or a worsening of the condition when the weather makes certain changes.
  • Internal factors. These factors are a result of an internal imbalance in the body that is causing the skin to react. This can include a weakness in any of the organ systems, chronic illness of another kind that preceded the eczema, or a hereditary deficiency. This issue is usually chronic and unremitting.
  • Dietary irregularities. Chronic intake of spicy, greasy or sugary foods and alcohol over time will deplete the body. This issue actually creates a climate in the body for itchy, red or weepy sores as the body becomes unable to process and eliminate toxic buildup from undigested material.

Oriental medicine takes into consideration these three factors, which often times can be compounded together in severe cases, and addresses them simultaneously. Using acupuncture and Herbal medicine, treatments help by:

  • Strengthening the immune system, thereby decreasing your sensitivity to external or environmental hazards.
  • Balancing the internal organ systems and treating the internal imbalance that is contributing to or causing eczema.
  • Releasing toxins from the skin, thereby eliminating the itchy, red or weepy sores.




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